Custom tea tables & sets
We design and make tables for tea ceremonies from the petrified wood

Each table is unique and is hand crafted by several stone and wood carvers, carpenters and blacksmiths.

You can select a ready-made table or order a custom made table that will have a cultural reference, compliment particular interior or satisfy your personal preferences.

At your request, if desired, the table can be decorated with symbols of sacral geometry as well as personalized with the signs of the Jyotish system.

      • Petrified wood
        Samples age 15-240 million years from different parts of the world
      • Precious metals
        Silver 925, gold 585, platinum
      • Noble tree
        Gakharu, rosewood, cedar, sandalwood and other species of wood
      • Stones
        Precious and semiprecious stones in the form of accessories and decoration
      15 million years in the heart of the tea ceremony
      Petrified wood in our opinion is one of the most interesting and aesthetic materials. The ancient woods was being preserved for millions of years by layers of lava, volcanic ash and sedimentary rocks. Special conditions are required to mineralize a tree which will eventually become a stone while still retaining the pattern of annual tree rings and fibers.

      The archaeological layers in which the fossilized trees are found vary depending on geographic location and are on average in the range of 15-240 million of years.

      On a hardness scale, a petrified tree is a number 7 out of 10 and positioned in between granite and precious.
      It is a very hard material, machinable only with tools with diamond coating.
      Personal place of power

      At your request, sacred signs can be selected and added to the customized design based on the system of Vedic astrology Jyotish or ancient symbols of sacred geometry.

      When it comes to Jyotish system, we cooperate with professionals from the Shankara Foundation
      Chinese Tea Ceremony
      It is an ancient ritual that accompanies both formal business negotiations or informal conversations with friends in an atmosphere of tranquility and mutual respect. The Chinese believe that it is essential to pay a tribute to each of the sensory organs.

      The tea ceremony table being a foundation, sets both the mood and format to the ceremony. We are pleased to hear from our customers and partners that our tables set a new level of aesthetics of this tradition.

      Completed projects
      SILVER №1
      5900 (reserved)
      The world's first tea ceremony table was manufactured from fossilized wood and handcrafted by a Balinese master working with silver for 20 years, a prize-winner of a jewelers' contest in New York, the owner of a silver factory in Bali.

      To honour island of Bali, a birthplace of the idea, the table has been made in Balinese style. It will sure complement any private collection of tea-lover or may serve as a memorable gift to someone who appreciates various rarities.

      • the petrified wood aged 15-20 million years
      • table base made from sterling silver 925 (560 gms)
      • container is made from brass with silver
      • box is made from rosewood with brass

      TABLE: (WxDxH) - 52cm x 38cm x 11cm
      CASE: (WxDxH) - 65cm x 50cm x 15cm

      Two Dragons

      6500 (sold)
      • the petrified wood aged 15-20 million years
      • dragons handmade from wood sono (rosewood)
      • Incrustation of dragons with silver of 925 fineness
      • grenade eyes
      • a palisander draining tray
      • rosewood case with insertions of red leathe

      TABLE: (WxDxH) 58cm х 34cm x 12.5cm
      CASE: (WxDxH) 65cm х 50cm x 15cm

      Additionally we are happy to provide a complete set for ceremonies
      A tea utensils set for 6 to 8 persons

      Collection of the best teas from China and Taiwan
      Shu Puer, Sheng Puer, Da Hong Pao, Tie Guan Yin, Lapsang Sushong, Gaba Alishan, RouGui, LongJing, ets.

      Collection of incense from all various parts of the world
      Palo Santo, Sage, Juniper (Artysh), Kopal, Ladan, Buchur, Sandal, Wormwood, etc.

      "The Wing"
      Feathers for inflating incenses with a handle made of valuable wood and stones

      "Planetarium balls"
      Meditation balls made of semi precious stones

      Crystal quartz

      The kit features:
      A 21-day course of tea meditation;
      Refill maintenance of the tea collection and incense;Any additional support to ensure your proper introduction of the tea ritual to your life;

      Price for the set starts from $1900
      We ship anywhere in the world.

      We will be happy to personally deliver a set and organize a training as well as the entire ceremony on your premises.

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